Untouch Launches an Embedded 3D Gesture Recognition Program

On July 5th, 2017, Untouch, the world’s leading provider of intelligent visual interactive technology, officially launched a new 3D gesture recognition product – the Riemann Platform, which embeds 3D gesture technology into mobile devices, bringing a new interactive experience for the next generation of consumer electronics. pmd, the world’s leading technology supplier of 3D Time-of-Flight depth sensors, at the same time announced the selection of the Untouch Riemann platform as the middleware of its 3D module to provide customers with a non-contact interactive solution, and through deep collaboration between the two companies, a single, complete gesture recognition solution will be launched. The promotion of this solution will expedite the widescale application of gesture interaction and promote the rapid development of human-computer interaction.

Untouch CEO Eric Sun introduced us to the product: “Traditional gesture recognition products are PC-based, but the Riemann Platform is the world’s first solution that can be used on mobile devices, creating a precedent for intelligent interaction with mobile products. This is possible because pmd’s CamBoard pico flexx, which delivers 3D data for the Riemann platform, is able to operate on Android mobile devices. Untouch’s leading gesture recognition technology gives developers the potential to create revolutionary interactive methods along with intuitive non-contact experiences for end-users.”

Bernd Buxbaum, Chairman of the Executive Board of pmd stated: “We are thrilled to work closely with Untouch Technologies. Enabled by Untouch’s cutting-edge 3D gesture recognition technology our CamBoard pico flexx can offer an intuitive non-contact experience for the consumers of future mobile devices. We believe that the close cooperation of these two companies will expedite the widescale application of gesture interaction and fundamentally transform the human-computer interaction. ”

According to reports, this release of the Untouch Riemann Platform will customize the entire interactive system due to its accurate recognition and tracking of the hand’s 3D structure, minimum latency, anti-occlusion, and support for pre-defined gestures. The platform includes Riemann Android / Linux SDK, and developers can apply for a trial through the technical support section on the Untouch website. Using a sophisticated hand-skeleton model with 23 joints, detailed movements of the hand are detected by the Riemann platform and a huge variety of simple or complex gestures can be classified based on this information.

New methods of interaction bring new interactive experiences. As we all know, from DOS to the computer mouse and keyboard, up to the modern touchscreen, methods of interactions have continued to develop and became humanistic. From drones, to VR headsets as well as AR and MR glasses, there is an obvious need for touchless interaction and Riemann aims to address this need across the different market segments. Notably all these market segments are also addressed by pmd technologies’ depth sensors as well and the co-work between Untouch and pmd gives customers a total solution. This gave us a glimpse of the value of next generation gesture interaction emerging in the consumer domain, and this new technology will inevitably lead to the innovation of revolutionary products which help interaction and operation methods to become increasingly natural and user-friendly.

About Untouch:

Founded in 2014, Untouch is a well-funded technology company developing the“eyes and brains”for the next generation computing platforms and the next wave of smart devices.Untouch provides the all-in-one vision-based perception solutions including reliable hardware and easy-to-use software SDK with state-of-the-art algorithms embedded.Untouch’s customers include smartphone OEMs, robot/drone makers, VR/AR device makers, IoT device manufactures etc. Official Website: www.untouch-tech.com

About PMD:

pmdtechnologies ag, a fabless IC company based in Siegen/Germany and San Jose/USA, is the worldwide leading 3D Time-of-Flight CMOS-based digital imaging technology supplier. Started up in 2002, the company owns over 150 worldwide patents concerning pmd-based applications, the pmd measurement principle and its realization. Addressed markets for pmd's 3D sensors are industrial automation, automotive and the wide field of consumer applications like AR/VR. Further information is available at www.pmdtec.com.

Developer Portal:http://developer.untouch-tech.com